Infant/Toddler Curriculum consists of lots of play in a stimulating age appropriate environment for optimal emotional, social and physical development. Our staff is trained to foster our infants and toddlers to feel safe to explore so they may learn, play and grow!

Preschool/Pre-K Curriculum implements the SUPERIOR Curriculum which consists of ABC’s and 123’s while supporting social and emotional interaction with others. A PLUS Childcare’s SUPERIOR Program supports the Common Core mandated by NYS Regulations.  Our 3-5 year olds have fun while mastering fine and large motor skills, colors, shapes, cutting with scissors, and creating daily arts and crafts in a structured but loving environment. There is always lots of laughter with singing, dancing and play while fostering your child’s growth and development

The School-Age room is a place for children, 5-12 years of age to unwind and experience indoor and outdoor play with games and team building activities. We offer a safe and nurturing environment where your children may enjoy playing games, puzzles, baking, and arts and crafts and yes, even work on homework!  We promote self-esteem, accountability, leadership and pride in a “zero tolerance” setting.

Our Outdoor Play area is securely enclosed in a private setting with rubber mulch ground cover to assure safety when the children run and play. There is also a picnic area and hard surface for riding bikes and bouncing balls.  In warm weather we have fun with water play and activities and love building snowmen in the winter!